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Economy and Education

Ökonomie und Bildung

3. Economy and education

In most of the industrialised countries, clean drinking water and functioning wastewater disposal are a matter of course. Thanks to tailored and professional management, costs can be regulated effectively and reduced if necessary. As well as contributing to the optimisation of domestic concepts, the BMBF intensively supports the transfer of knowledge and expertise in emerging and developing countries across the globe; the aim is to train skilled personnel and educate them in the environmentally sustainable handling of the resource water.
(Picture: André Künzelmann, UFZ)


Communal Water House

Communal Water House
A demonstration project in the Ikwezi community, East Cape, South Africa (Great Karoo Desert)
A modern and sustainable solution for water supply, energy supply and sanitation
Water recycling with solar energy
A German-South African partnership with German technology
Sanitation: separate shower facilities for men and women, soap offered, basins with warm water for doing laundry
A community room with information on hygene, HIV-protection, economical water use
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